Tricia Andrade has over two decades of experience within the real estate industry, including commercial, multi-family, and residential properties on both coasts of the United States. Having trained countless professionals in the industry, Tricia’s working history has covered sales, business development, compliance, project management, and more. With operations, team development, and leadership proficiency, Tricia’s diversified skill set has powerful cross-industry applications. Throughout her real estate career, Tricia has found her role in training and coaching to be her principal asset. Students completing her mentorship track have sought commendable and successful positions within the industry, often receiving many awards, certificates, and accolades in the process. Having a relatively early start within the industry herself, Tricia has dealt with the tremendous difficulties and stresses of establishing a successful and tenured life in real estate. Her dedication to ethical practice, full transparency, and devotion to clients has cemented a career stretching from the early 1990s to the present, currently representing large commercial buyers in the student housing and hospitality sector. Tricia has acted upon her skills and experience with high passion, allowing her to seize great opportunities with creativity and innovation. Passing this onto each of her students, Tricia is an invaluable coach and mentor to real estate professionals focusing on residential and commercial markets. As an accomplished trainer, business developer, competent in sales, marketing, analysis, and territory development, Tricia aids her team in growing their businesses and finding success within the industry. With a management focus on performance, Tricia has a highly competitive drive that is results-oriented, constantly forging strong relationships with colleagues and complex organizations. Tricia is an expert communicator with interpersonal and instructional ability. Tricia is adamant that community development and involvement are paramount to be a part of caretaking for this world and has always included volunteer and philanthropic projects in her life. Currently, she supports the Center for Global Change, Local food pantries and has previously worked with Chron’s and Colitis, as well as formerly charing San Diego’s Rotary Club. 

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